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We no longer recommend the use of Vuescan as it has proven incompatible with some higher resolution scans on slower sheet feed scanners. Ed at Hamrick software has refused to address the tiemout bug and instead chooses to insult Twain2Airscan.

Our flagship product is Twain2AirScan that runs on Windows 10 or 11 and shares a Windows Twain or WIA Scanner with Windows 11, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS & ChromeOS over your network using the eSCL/AirScan Protocol. This software is free for personal use.

Recently we have added AirScanS400W to allow the use of several models of s400w based portable Wifi scanners to be used under Windows, Linux and MacOS, and to share them on your network over the eSCL/AirScan Protocol. This uses a Windows, Linux or Mac host to share the scanner with the entire network; Windows 11, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android.

AirScan is free software for all users, with all source included.

Known compatible scanners:


Unique Solutions

We offer some very unique scanning solutions. Extend the life and compatibility of your existing hardware. We offer viable scanner sharing and connectivity solutions, at low cost, some are even free. Check out our current line of growing products. In most cases our products can take your older scanner well beyond the manufacturer's capability.

Our products are updated regularly:



Version 2.09, Released March 29, 2022

Share A Windows 10 0r 11 Scanner On Your Network Over The eSCL Protocol

Share a Windows 10 or 11 scanner with all of your Windows 11, MacOS, Linux, Android, ChromeOS & iOS devices using the eSCL/AirScan protocol.

Now supports Duplex ADF (double sided sheet feeder).

Expands the compatibility of your older "Windows Only" scanner and preserves your investment.

Once connected to a Windows host, compatible clients include Windows 11 (Native), MacOS (Native), Linux (SANE-AirScan), ChromeOS (Mopria Scan), Android (Mopria Scan), iPhone (AirScanner), or iPad (AirScanner).




Version 1.04, Released April 10, 2022

Use An S400W Type Scanner On Windows, Linux, Or MacOS & Share It With The Network Over The eSCL Protocol

Use any one of the many s400w type wireless scanners on Windows, MacOS or Linux and share it over a Network via the eSCL/AirScan Protocol.

This means by way of a Windows Linux or MacOS host, you have a small, wireless, portable scanner that you can pass from cubicle to cubicle for users who need to scan occasionally on compatible clients; Windows 11, MacOS (Native), Linux (SANE-AirScan), ChromeOS (Mopria Scan), Android (Mopria Scan), iPhone (AirScanner), or iPad (AirScanner).


  • There is currently no support for using an M1 Mac as a host unless you compile your own binary from the included source. An M1 Mac should always be fine as a client however, even without compiling a binary.
  • If using Windows 10 as a host or client, the scanner will not be available to the Windows host or other Windows clients.
  • If using Windows 11 as a host or client, make sure you have all current updates to Windows 11.
  • You will need an available WiFi interface to dedicate to the scanner on the Host machine. if you currently connect to the Internet (network) over WiFi you need to add a second WiFi adapter.
  • Dependencies include Apache2, Mod_Rewrite, PHP.

More Scanning Solutions Coming Soon

We have more scanning solutions in the works to be posted here. Come back for updated versions and check for new software.

Adding a shared scanner to MacOS 1 Adding a shared scanner to MacOS 2 Adding a shared scanner to MacOS 3 Adding a shared scanner to MacOS 4
Mopria Scan Android 21 Mopria Scan Android 2


Drivers for s400w type Scanners  Share your Windows scanner with MacOS OSX, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, iPad, iPhone, iOS